Vitavax Ultra - Systemic & Contact Wheat Fungicide, Carboxin + Thiram
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Vitavax Ultra


Vitavax Ultra FF is the first quid, dual action (Systemic & Contact) seed treatment fungicide in the country.  It is a broad spectrum systemic(Carboxin 17.5%) and contact (Thiram 17.5%) fungicide for the control of both seed and soilborne diseases. It spreads rapidly and due to its adhesive quality gives uniform long lasting coating to the seed .


Carboxin is a group G, oxathiin, systemic fungicide with protective and curative action. It is also a growth regulator that increases the coleoptile length of cereal seedlings. Thiram is a broad spectrum surface contact fungicide with multi-site action.


Pack size 500 ml, 1 Ltrs

Features & Benefits

  • Vitavax Ultra FF encourages early germination and uniform growth of seedlings and results in more and deeper roots.
  • It stimulates germination even under adverse conditions (low and heavy rain, shallow and deep sowing, etc )
  • Vltava Ultra FF treated seeds can be stored for a longer period.