Cornex Selective herbicide for Weed Control & Cyperus Rotundus - Dhanuka
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Cornex (Halosulfuron methyl 5% + Atrazine 48% WG) is a selective, systemic, post-emergence & broad-spectrum herbicide that effectively controls Cyperus rotundus, major broad leaf, and major narrow leaf weeds in maize crop.


Cornex 53% WG has excellent translocation activity. It is absorbed through leaves and moves downwards through phloem and also absorbed by roots of weeds & nuts of Cyperus rotundus and moves upwards through xylem. Cornex inhibits Amino acid synthesis and photosynthesis of weeds and as a result the weeds die.


Pack size 225gm / 450gm

Features & Benefits

  • One-shot solution to control Cyperus rotundus, broad leaf and narrow leaf weeds in maize crop.
  • Cornex has unique formulation, which is combining of two different chemical with different mode of action.
  • Cornex provides longer duration control with foliar and soil residual activity.
  • Cornex has 1-4 hours of rain-fastness.
  • Early control of weeds resulting higher yield and more profitability.