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Whiteaxe is entomopathogenic containing Fungus Metarhizium anisopliae for controlling White Grub, Termites and Borers. Whiteaxe provides a long term and sustainable solution against targeted pests.

CFU Count1*10^8/gm


"WHITEAXE attacks insect pests with its green spores. Once the insect’s skin is exposed to these living spores, they germinate and penetrating into the blood vessels, start producing toxins, causes paralysis and death of the insect. The fungus that develops on the surface of the dead insect initiates a new round of infection for other insects."


Pack size 1 Kg

Features & Benefits

  • Whiteaxe is Entomopathogenic Fungus which is highly effective against all stages of White grubs, Termites & Borers
  • Approved by CIBRC for usage as BIOINSECTICIDE
  • Easy to apply through soil/drip/drenching/broadcast (with Fertilizer)
  • Safe to environment