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Company Profile

Dhanuka Agritech Limited is one of India’s leading agri-input company and is listed by Forbes Magazine in the category of “200 Best under A Billion Companies in Asia Pacific”. The Company is listed with Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange of India. Dhanuka has been awarded Company of the Year (Agro Chemical Category) by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) in 10th Biennial International Exhibition and Conference –India Chem 2018 and has been bestowed with many awards and recognitions from time to time. The Company has recently been recognized as “Great Place to Work for the year 2018-19”. Dhanuka has Pan-India presence through its marketing offices in all major states across India. The 3 manufacturing units with 39 warehouses and network of over 8 branch offices across the Indian geography caters to 6,500 distributors & approximately 75,000 dealers. Dhanuka’s workforce with more than 1,000 techno–commercial staff, supported by a strong R&D division and a robust distribution network helps Company to reach out to approximately 10 million Indian farmers with its products and services. Dhanuka’s R&D division has world class NABL Accredited Laboratories and has international collaborations with the world’s seven leading agri-input companies from US, Japan and Europe which helps Dhanuka to introduce the latest technology in Indian farmlands.

Dhanuka has three state of art manufacturing facilities in Rajasthan, Gujarat and J&K with well-equipped Quality Testing Facilities. The R&D center is located at Gurgaon, which is recognized by the Ministry of Science & Technology for generating scientific data and evaluation of new chemistry.

Dhanuka Agritech Limited with more than 321 registrations including Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides and Plant Growth Regulators /Bio- Stimulants and with over 330 active SKUs has one of the most extensive market penetration in agri-input industry. Dhanuka has solutions for all major crops grown in the country including cotton, paddy, wheat, sugarcane, pulses, fruits & vegetables, plantation crops and others. The Company’s impetus is on marketing quality and eco-friendly chemistry which comply with ICM/IPM and is safe to human beings and beneficial to flora & fauna. Dhanuka is recognized as one of the leaders amongst Indian agro-input companies in branded agro-input product sales. The Company has developed several Public-Private and Private-Private partnerships for agricultural extension projects which are accelerating the transfer of improved agriculture technology to the Indian farming community.

Our Story

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Great Companies are born from small dreams and dedication. The story of Dhanuka is one such dream seen by the visionary - Shri RG Agarwal. The ancestral family belonged from a small town of Ratangarh in Churu district of Rajasthan. During the 1920’s the arid state had been hit by drought frequently, which made the family shift to Delhi in search for better opportunities. The family’s expertise was in cloth business and they set up their shop at Katra Nawab in Chandini Chowk, Delhi. Over the years the business flourished with commitment and the trade trusted the family’s hundi more than that of bank.

Late Shri Durga Prasad Dhanuka had three sons and Late Shri Chiranjilal Dhanuka being the eldest took the responsibility of business ahead. Shri RG Aggarwal is the eldest son of Late Shri Chiranjilal Dhanuka. An alumni of prestigious Sri Ram College of Commerce, he was not quiet convinced to take up the family business and rather wanted to explore the untrodden path. In 1968, .Shri RG Agarwal discussed his career choice of starting up a trading business in fertilizers and agrochemicals with his father, who was kind enough to help him pursue his dreams. Late Shri Chiranjilal Dhanuka asked his younger son Mr. MK Dhanuka to support his elder brother in the new venture. Starting from South India where the demands were high for fertilizers the Dhanuka brothers opened a small office at Begum Bazar in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh. The brothers worked very hard to set up distinct identity in the industry. Aspirations of Shri RG Agarwal were very high, he was not a man to settle for less he wanted to do something far beyond and bought a sick manufacturing unit Northern Minerals Pvt. Ltd. in Gurugram for chemical production under own brand name. On 8th August 1980, Late Shri Chiranjilal Dhanuka laid the foundation of Dhanuka Agritech ltd. and since then there was no looking back. During the journey of almost 4 decades in the agrochemical industry the Company has covered many milestones with consistent hard work, passion & dedication to write the success story of today’s Dhanuka Agritech Ltd. The secret of Company’s success lies in its foundation of values and traditions on which it has always traded. People and relationships are Dhanuka’s strongest pillars which aspires to flourish together through the introduction of new technology, solutions and program.

A Passionate Leader

Shri RG Agarwal, Group Chairman, Dhanuka Agritech Ltd. is a passionate leader, who has established himself as the architect of the Company by mastering many domains to see his prodigy grow step by step. He is committed towards food security of the nation and is concerned for the betterment of Indian farming community. He is not only a man of his words but a philanthropist who is engaged in many social activities, to name a few are construction of Adarsh Bal Vidyalaya school, check dams, community water center etc. He has not only inherited leadership skills, but is also rooted with values & principles to pass on his legacy to the next generation.

Chairman's Message

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I extend my heartfelt thanks to our country’s Annadatas, the farmers who stay close to nature and work extensively to bring out the gems from mother earth to feed our growing population. We believe in educating and sharing new technology through our advanced crop protection solutions and services to ensure National Food Security, and to support today’s farmers to become the agricultural leaders of tomorrow. We are committed towards fulfilling nation’s dream of “Doubling farmer’s income by 2022” and have taken enormous steps under our initiative “Transforming India through Agriculture”. I seek the prosperity of all our stakeholders and call for a holistic approach from the concerned to make India once again “Sone ki Chidya” the Golden Sparrow of the world.

Mr. R G Agarwal


Our Milestones

  1. Acquiring a Sick Unit

    Took over a sick unit Northern Minerals Pvt. Limited, Gurgaon and started with an office in Daryaganj, Delhi

  2. Grit & Determination

    Achieved turnover of Rs.17 lacs in the first year itself, making the sick unit profitable.

  3. Reach & Research

    Expanded to all North Indian States, Maharashtra & Gujarat

    Inaugurated Dhanuka Agriculture Research Center at Delhi

  4. DPL - Dhanuka Pesticides Limited

    Incorporated Dhanuka Pesticides Limited

    Set up a plant at Sohna, Haryana for manufacturing Synthetic Pyrothrides

  5. First Public Issue

    Dhanuka Pesticides Limited entered Capital Market by offering 6,00,000 equity shares

  6. Dhanuka's first global collaboration

    Dhanuka entered into tie-up with E.I. Dupont, USA

  7. Partnering with Global giants

    Dhanuka entered into tie-up with Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd. Japan.

  8. Quality certification

    On-site NABL accredited (Indian GPL) Lab for formulation Development, Soil & Water Testing etc.

    DAL production unit was certified with ISO 9001:2008 for Quality assurance

  9. Technology Import

    Mobile seed treatment technology bought from Australia.

  10. Partnering with Global giants contd…

    Dhanuka entered into tie-up with Hokko Chemical Industory Co. Ltd, Japan

  11. Expansion for meeting the demands for growth

    Set up unit at Sanand with 2nd largest Granule and Dusting powder facility

    Partnering with Global giants contd…

    Dhanuka entered into a tie-up with Nissan Chemical Industries Ltd., Japan.

    Country's first Public Private Partnership

    Country's first Public Private Partnership started in Hoshangabad,MP where Mobile testing lab was introduced.

  12. Partnering with Global giants contd…

    Dhanuka entered into tie-up with FMC Corporation, USA

  13. Partnering with Global giants contd…

    Entered into Joint venture with Otsuka Chemicals of Japan for its Pharmaceutical division

  14. An Indian Giant in Agrochemical - DAL born

    Northern Minerals Pvt. Ltd was merged with Dhanuka Pesticide Ltd. under the new entity Dhanuka Agritech Ltd. Set up modern manufacturing unit at Udhampur

    DAL technology accepted by GOI

    Seed treatment machine was imported from Argentina# Seed treatment of DAL was accepted by Govt of India with minor modification and GOI started Seed Treatment Campaign in different states

  15. Partnering with Global giants contd…

    Production with Japanese Technology, in collaboration with Otsuka Chemicals for Agrochemical division

    Partnering with Global giants contd…

    Dhanuka entered into tie-up with DOW Agrosciences, USA.

  16. Campaign launched in association with GOI

    100% seed treatment campaign launched by Government of India & Dhanuka.

  17. M/s 2020 Equity Investors Limited Save Water campaign

    M/s 2020 Equity Investors Limited, FII bought 8.25% of the Company’s Equity Shares

    Dhanuka launched a Campaign to Save Water under " Gaon ka pani gaon mein, Khet ka pani khet mein - Bachhaye pani ki har boon".

  18. First ever Global recognition

    Dhanuka entered into tie-up with Oro Agri, South Africa

    Shifted the corporate office to the hub of Fortune 500 companies at Cyber City, Gurgaon

    Recognition by Inc. India 500 for India’s Fastest Growing Mid Sized Companies

    Recognition by Forbes in Asia’s 200 Best under a Billion Companies

    Rated as one of the fastest growing company by Business World and Economic Times

  19. The 500 Cr Club

    Dhanuka’s turnover crossed INR 500 crores milestone

    Asia’s 200 Best under a Billion Companies Recognition by Forbes for the Second Consecutive Year

  20. More Accolades

    Recognition from Inc. India 500 for a second consecutive year for India’s Fastest Growing Mid Sized Companies

  21. Save Water Campaign becoming a National Phenomenon

    World Water Day Campaign Launched

    Constructed two Check - Dams in Rajasthan to Save Water and for Rain Water Harvesting

  22. Responsibility towards the Society

    Constructed two more Check - Dams in Rajashthan

    Dhanuka has won “Amar Ujala CSR Awards” for the outstanding work in Save Water, Education, Health and Women empowerment

  23. Transforming India through Agriculture

    Launched Dhanuka Innovative Agriculture Awards

    Launched "Transforming India through Agriculture" Campaign as a corporate identity

    Recognition from FICCI as "Company of the Year 2018"

    Awarded ASSOCHAM’s “Water Management Excellence Awards 2018” under category of “Excellence in the field of Water Education & Awareness”


Dhanuka’s aspiration of “Transforming India through Agriculture” warrants the use of best technologies from across the globe to be adopted by the Indian farming community. Dhanuka being the architect of this dream, understands its role in making it come true. The Company has collaborated with the best of technology providers in the world to bring world class technical solutions to India farmlands. Dhanuka has technical collaborations with Japanese, American and European corporations that helps the Company to introduce new chemistry.

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Dhanuka Agritech

Dhanuka Agritech

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Dhanuka Agritech

Dhanuka Agritech

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Dhanuka Agritech

Dhanuka Agritech

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Dhanuka Agritech

Dhanuka Agritech

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Dhanuka Agritech

Dhanuka Agritech

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Dhanuka Agritech

Dhanuka Agritech

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Dhanuka Agritech

Dhanuka Agritech

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Dhanuka Agritech

Dhanuka Agritech

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Dhanuka Agritech

Dhanuka Agritech

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Dhanuka Agritech

Dhanuka Agritech

Core Values

Since the beginning of Company’s journey “Panchsheel – The Dhanuka Way” are the established values which guides the employees as the North Star. It has shown them the right way when they are lost and the Dhanuka family has followed it even during the most adverse of times.

The values of “Panchsheel – The Dhanuka Way

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At Dhanuka, we take initiative, display ownership, have a decisive attitude, and show enthusiasm and positive attitude towards challenges to overcome them

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At Dhanuka, we believe in respect, transparency, and equality towards all our stakeholders

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At Dhanuka, we believe in fostering mutually beneficial long-term relationships with all our stakeholders, and in promoting the sustainable use of natural resources

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At Dhanuka, we seek to continually think out of the box to enable a futuristic & solution-oriented approach with the end in mind.

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At Dhanuka, we strive towards excellence by continuously giving our best, individually and as a team, along with continuous learning and improvement thereon

Doubling Farmers’ Income


Indian Prime Minister has coined the motto of Doubling Farmer’s Income and Dhanuka Agritech Ltd. has taken enormous steps on doubling the income of farmers. Dhanuka has constructed 5 check dams for "Rain Water Harvesting", one "Community Water Centre" for safe drinking water in Rajasthan. The Company has organized various "Krishak Goshthi" in different parts of country including Bikaner (Rajasthan), Bhopal (MP), Hoshiarpur (Punjab), Shahjahanpur (UP), Raipur (Chhattisgarh) and Motihari (Bihar) for "Doubling Farmer’s Income by 2022”. On ABP News channel, 13 episode series on "Dhanuka Kheti Ki Nayi Takneek, Kisan Ki Aamdani Doguni Karne Ki Disha Mein Ek Pahal" was telecasted, same is available online for the farming communities awareness to increase their income. Dhanuka Innovative Agriculture Awards (DIAA) is a revolutionary step of Dhanuka for recognizing Innovation in the field of Agriculture. Farmers are the key to feed the growing global population and by introducing new technology to Indian farmers while educating them to become tomorrow’s global leaders, Dhanuka has taken many determined initiatives like these to “Double the farmer’s income”.