Defend Insecticide: Superior Hopper Protection for Paddy Crops | Dhanuka
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"1st application of Defend on paddy.

- Tackle 1st generation of BPH and WBPH

- Only 1 application in the season.

High Confidence on

-Good harvest ( higher yield & better quality)

- Better return on investment"


Pyraxalt™ active, the active ingredient of Defend insecticide, is a potent nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) inhibitor that blocks neurotransmission in affected insects. Pyraxalt™ is the first insecticide that primarily interacts with nAChRs to inhibit rather than activate receptors.


Pack size 94 ml, 235 ml, 470 ml, 940 ml

Features & Benefits

Complete Hopper Protection:

  • Superior protection from direct feeding damage caused by all major rice hopper species - BPH and WBPH
  • Effectiveness on all hopper stages, nymph to adult, for best-in-class control
  • Fast acting control stops feeding immediately to reduce crop damage
  • Effective on pests resistant to other products

Longer Duration Control:

  • Up to 21 days of control, 7–10 days longer than competitive products
  • Better rainfastness: Rainfast, for use even in challenging weather conditions
  • Fewer pesticide applications required during the season
  • Excellent DEFEND®absorption by the rice plant for consistently better, longerlasting control

Favorable Environmental Profile:

  • A large margin of safety for workers
  • Helps conserve natural enemies like spiders and coccinellids
  • An ideal choice for An ideal choice for integrated pest management (IPM) programs—which makes DEFEND® the right choice for years to come